Llanmaes Village
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Vale of Glamorgan Council, supported by AECOM 

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                                                                          Why are we consulting?
The Flood Alleviation Scheme aims to protect properties within the village from flooding. This will be achieved by constructing a series of ditches, swales and flood bunds within the fields to the north/northwest of the village, as well as reprofiling the roads through the village and amendments to the village green.
The project is being promoted by Vale of Glamorgan Council and in order to carry out the works, planning permission is required. As part of the planning process, we are consulting with affected parties, the general public and other stakeholders prior to submitting the planning application.
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Historically, Llanmaes has suffered from a number of flood events affecting properties within the village. This flooding is caused primarily by the inundation of the watercourses through the village due to their limited capacity. The proposed scheme will intercept the water flows within the upper catchment to the north/northwest of the village before the water reaches the village. The flows will then be re-routed using a series of ditches, swales and flood bunds as well as road reprofiling and amendments to the village green. 
The flood alleviation scheme relies on the principles of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), and provides an environmentally friendly solution to the problem. The main design considerations are outlined below:

  • ​Low-impact ‘soft’ engineering: The scheme promotes the use of soft features such as flood bunds, ditches and swales to better manage the water flows naturally.

  • Contribution to sustainable development: Through the use of these SuDS features, the scheme provides a holistic approach to managing surface water, taking account of flooding, water quality, biodiversity (wildlife and plants) and amenity.

  • Mimicking nature: The SuDS features will better manage the conveyance of surface water, slowing down the runoff and attenuating the flows before they enter Llanmaes Brook. Rainfall will be managed at the point where it hits the ground by capturing the water and allowing it to either soak away and infiltrate into the ground, evaporate or be lost through vegetation (evapotranspiration).

  • Environmentally beneficial, with minimal long-term impacts: The SuDS features will efficiently and sustainably manage the water whilst providing pollution control and improving water quality in Llanmaes Brook. 

  •  Future-proofing: The scheme is designed to cater for a 1 in 100 year storm plus a 30% safety factor to allow for climate change. The flood bunds have been geotechnically assessed and designed to withstand the anticipated water levels.

  • Materials management: All material that will be excavated from the ditches and swales will be re-used on site to construct the flood bunds.


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